Be Free Forever

Lindsay Gilis & Michel Moyaert


Are You looking for a change?

We offer you the possibility to realize the desired change in your life by introducing you to a very simple concept with a multinational company that:

  • Over 40 jears experience
  • Is a family business and not listed
  • Debt free
  • Unique compensationplan
  • Training & Motivation
  • ...

Where ordinary people get extra ordinary chances!

We have a unique business model and the practical experience to help people become fully financially independent and will therefore enjoy a care free future. Regardless of your current occupation and whether you do this part-time in the beginning while still working, or step into this full time directly, we can easily say that this unique concept has changed the lives of many people for the better.

* You don't love your job

* You want more free time to enjoy life, travelling, to be with your family

* You want more financial freedom

* You realise that you're not secure of your work

You are looking for a change and willing to work for it?

Why ?

What is our story?

Michel Moyaert

Already on young age I had to work for my money, life wasn't so good for me. So I needed security in my job: I found that as Civil Guard. But working till i'm 70years old in that negative environment, is not something I'm looking forward to. My girlfriend showed me this opportunity and as we are open and a social, positive minded couple. This was for me a good way to get more positivity and new friends around me.

Now we work together, with lots of different people, local and around the world global, to create the lifestyle that they want. We love to travel the world and get to know new people to create your story, so you can live the life of your dreams.

Are you open for something new, do you like to change your way of life, do you smile often enough?

Let's work together !

Lindsay Gilis

As I grew up in a family of self-employers, i know the risks of being self- employed. You need a good idea, lot's of saving money and when your sick you have to go to work! No clients = No money, All day working ... Not my style of living. When I was 25 I started working for a boss, as a Fitness manager, I had to run my club. I did what I had to do and I did more then a regular employe because I have that entrepreneur mindset. Till that day that I had to work more for less payings. A burn-out killed my mind and body, I became demotivated, not myself anymore, depressed and sad. So I decided to change my work-life balance. "What can I do?" was the question always running in my mind. That thinking changed, when a collegue Zumba-Instructor showed me this opportunity , just as we do to you right now!

I decided to take this opportunity without really knowing HOW, but I said "YES"! I registrated and order my start package right away! The best investment I did, because my clients, friends, family and partner saw my enthusiasm.

Are YOU ready to live the life of YOUR dreams?

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